“I’ve been lucky enough to work along side Hannah as well as watch her talent grow through out our 4 years at ACAD. Because of this, I know that Hannah is the perfect blend of creative and hardworking. She will put everything she’s got (and more) into the research, understanding, creative development and execution of a project. The end result is always something unexpected, something real and something that communicates well. And to top it all off she always has a smile on her face, which is more than contagious. Hannah is so full of creative energy and enthusiasm – I know it will take her many wonderful places. “

What it takes to be a creative.

Being a graphic designer and a creative I can live life by doing something I love everyday. I feel compelled to create, connect and touch people with adventurous ideas that come to life through design mediums. To make these ideas a possibility the behind the scenes is entertaining and quirky.

  • FACT: In 5 years of being a creative I’ve drank 5,250 cups of coffee or 300 gallons, roughly enough to fill 1 blue whale and it’s two baby’s stomaches.